Can You Get Our Attention?


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As former leader anchor and studio host for NBC Sports’ Golf Channel, Kraig Kann achieved his lifelong dream. He then progressed to Chief Communications Officer for the LPGA and today is a successful entrepreneur and requested speaker mastering his own brand and coaching others to do the same. With “Can You Get Our Attention?” Kraig shares his years of experience to help readers understand the value and importance of standing out and building a loyal following.

With proven strategies and trusted and tested examples, you’ll learn to embrace his empowering philosophy on the critical importance of how you present you. Building a bigger network through effective communication, dynamic presentation skills, media coaching, strategic branding and a targeted social media game plan are just part of a compelling read that also includes his thoughts on being an industry influencer and how to prepare for the inevitable career pivots before they happen. Paramount as Kraig’s way of connecting and selling is the art of storytelling. He goes in depth on the topic and openly shares his own career journey including the successes and challenges that have shaped his professional resume.

In a world of mass messaging and non-stop noise where building awareness is more important than ever, Kann’s portfolio makes him a uniquely powerful voice. Labeled a “master communicator,” his first book delivers a power-packed, fast-paced read that will leave you personally connected, informed, inspired and ready to take on the task of getting people’s attention and building a brand new you.

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