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We build personal and professional brands and develop powerful presenters and speakers. An experience with Kann Advisory means owning a new leadership roadmap to deliver as an ambassador for your organization and also deliver a “brand new you.”

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Full Day Workshops

"This was a wake-up call to get me back to being extraordinary."
“An exceptional experience – inspirational and life changing!”
“Very motivating to see any individual at the top of their game wanting to share their vision and passion to help others. Exceptional!”
“Hands down the most powerful experience on leadership communication."
"Never in my professional career have I been able to think more about myself, how I sell, and what I need to do to get better."
"Today I was given the roadmap to unlock my potential. Getting outside my cofmort zone was critical for my future growth. Let's go!"
"I never thought a one day session could provide such a noticeable transformation in our team's confidence, approach and presentation."

Interactive, inspiring and entertaining…. this is designed for executive leaders, upper management teams and organization departments ready to learn the power of effective message delivery and the impact of becoming dynamic presenters.  We’ll take your team and in one day we’ll we’ll show them a fresh new spin on leadership.  It’s a career changing experience centered around communication, presentation, branding and bonding and your group will rave about it.

We engage them in the importance of influence through real communication.  We coach them on building an effective “story” that promotes the brand and while emphasizing the importance of selling themselves through a real connection with the audience.

How to present?  How to sell?  How to separate from the pack?  How to promote a professional and personal brand that work together?  We’ve got it covered. 

Small team groups greatly benefit from engaging exercises that create team unity and develop a winning culture that shows people for their strengths as professionals and amplifies their value to teammates.  When a CEO says “our sales team and senior management were awestruck,” you know you’ve got something.  Now its your turn.

Group size limited to 20

Half Day Workshops

Audiences say time spent was “powerful and thought-provoking” and  “impressive beyond expectation.” This half-day workshop is a smaller version of the full-day workshop, yet designed for a group as large as you want to assemble – up to 150. 

Informative and inspirational, groups will be feverishly taking notes for fear they’ll miss a key takeaway as they learn the critical importance of authentic storytelling and how to separate brands and people from a crowded field.  Topics include executive presence, influencer status, the keys to effective public speaking and presenting, and proven ways to navigate today’s new world media.

There will be a few interactive surprises along the way that keep the audience you assemble on the edge of their seats.  As one audience member said on the way out the door, “anyone who attends will leave feeling ten feet tall.”  That’s the high praise we aim for.  Three hours moves fast, and you’ll be left wanting more.

Group size up to 150

"Amazing. Calculated. Professional and Exciting!"

Keynote & Featured Speaker

A lot has been said about Kraig Kann's impact as a speaker…
"Motivating, captivating, and inspiring"
“He delivers energy and passion on stage comparable to Tony Robbins and Richard Branson.”
“He’s like a shot of caffeine for your ego”
“A freakish combination of C-Suite strategist and television entertainment.”
“What an uplifting and eye opening experience. I highly recommend Kraig to other organizations and athletic teams to reach success.”
“He brought a much-needed shot in the arm to our team.”
Now he’s ready to enlighten and empower your group.​
Kraig has delivered passionately and persuasively in front of audiences for years.  With a 25-year television career and more than five representing a professional sports league as its chief spokesperson, countless speaking engagements have come Kraig’s way.  He’s taken his experience to the stage for corporations like Rolex, Hilton, SAP and KPMG.  He’s spoken to athletic teams, coaches, students and administrators from schools like Florida, Missouri, Arizona and Oklahoma State.  And he’s emceed functions or spoken on behalf of brands that include UL, All Nippon Airways and Kia. Let Kraig turn heads in your organization with motivational and inspirational talks geared toward every audience.  Among his most requested keynotes;

Becoming a Brand New Influencer
Own The Power of Presentation 
Attack Your Personal Climb
Golf Changed My Life, What’s Your Story?

One-on-One Consulting

Speaking & Presentation Skills
Media Coaching
Brand Building

Learn to become a more dynamic speaker.
Learn the keys to being embraced and promoted through the media.
Learn to present yourself as a more powerful brand that builds a following.

Kann Advisory believes that consulting shouldn’t be about a how-to template or handbook. So we won’t just consult, we’ll connect with the goal of building amazing results around people’s personal strengths.

You’ll get value through compassion, conviction and motivation based on years of experience that helps you get where you want to go or where you think you probably can’t.

IF your goal is to get noticed for the right reasons, reach a new career level or become an industry leader with the tools to present a powerful message, its time to invest in yourself and let Kann Advisory show you the way.


Webinar Series

with kraig kann

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“Present to Win” is a webinar series presented by Kraig Kann and Kann Advisory Group that allows you a front row seat to proven information that companies and organizations pay thousands for. Kraig has canvassed the country delivering keynotes, workshops and seminars to corporations and athletic organizations on the art of influence though effective communication. Through this series, he’ll arm you with the skills and mindset to engage and empower your next audience.

Some of the topics include:

Learn to Crush Your Next Speaking Opportunity
Selling You Means Selling More
How to Grab Audience Attention and Keep It
Keys to Overcome Anxiety and Own the Stage
Kraig’s seminars are often “live” which allows for real connection and audience interaction that will surely give you the tools to become your best speaker and a presenter that gets other people talking!

Next "live" Webinar

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Webinar Coming In July 


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Keys to Owning the Stage

First of all, EVERYONE gets nervous or has a degree of anxiety when speaking publicly, so before you read any further, take a deep breath and calm yourself. Public speaking in any form puts you in a position to “pass

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About Kraig

As former lead anchor and studio host for NBC Sports’ Golf Channel, Kraig attained his lifelong dream of becoming a network broadcaster.  He then progressed to Chief Communications Officer for the LPGA where he was part of a dynamic leadership team that raised the organization to new levels of prosperity.  Today, he is a successful entrepreneur mastering his own brand. 

Kraig founded Kann Advisory Group in 2016, making good on a goal of managing his own business on a belief that the definition of success would be realized by sharing his experience and delivering value to others.  A background of C-suite strategist and media entertainment positioned him as a unique voice delivering custom workshops, seminars and keynotes focused on leadership, message delivery and personal and professional brand development.

Thought leadership offered in his blog has contributed to attention from PR News, Sports PR Summit and Forbes, who have identified him as a keynote speaker, featured industry panelist, communications council member and content contributor in areas of public relations, brand marketing, public speaking and strategic communications.  He remains relevant in sports broadcasting, hosting weekly shows on SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio and serving as a faculty member in the Dan Patrick School of Sportscasting at Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL.

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