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When it comes to success, if you want to be relevant in your business, then you should make sure your goal is to do something relevant.  Shake yourself to the professional core. Figure out your beliefs and what you stand for.  THAT is where YOUR brand begins.

Everybody wants to be a part of something with significance.  And today businesses and people are working like never before to promote their efforts and brands.  And the way to do that is through strategic communications.

Here is my “Kraig’s List” of three great ways to bring your brand to life:


In today’s world of content consumption, it’s video, video and video. It’s a way to share your value proposition and your story.  Some statistics:  87% of online marketers use video content . . .One minute of video is estimated to equal to 1.8 million words. . . 90% of users say product videos are helpful in their decision process. . .One-third of all online activity is spent using video.

It’s not a way of the future.  It’s here today and here to stay.  Clearly, it’s time to invest in video storytelling.


It’s one thing for the chief spokesperson or the CEO to share your message. That‘s their job.  But when everyone in an organization knows the message and shares it using their own social media platforms, that is a whole new world of connection.  If everyone in your company thinks of themselves as a Chief Marketing Officer and spokesperson of the brand, the reach is bigger — and so is the brand.


Can people see inside your world?  Or is it a closed shop?  A degree of authenticity is huge for consumers looking to see what they are buying.  Let them in as best you can.  Tell them what your story is and let them see you at work.  People want to feel connected.  Find a way.

The key today is to offer up and not hold back.  Taking control of content and pushing out your own story works far better than waiting for people to take notice and media to cover you.  Don’t be scared to tell your story and work hard to find ways to connect.  Your brand depends on it.

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Developing a brand means defining its personality, sending a clear message and creating an emotional connection. #kannadvisory @kraigkann


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As former lead anchor and studio host for NBC Sports’ Golf Channel, Kraig Kann attained his lifelong dream. He then progressed to Chief Communications Officer for the LPGA and today is a successful entrepreneur mastering his own brand. His background of C-Suite strategist and media entertainment uniquely qualifies Kraig to help your employees elevate the company brand as they become more personally empowered.

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