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Keys to Owning the Stage

First of all, EVERYONE gets nervous or has a degree of anxiety when speaking publicly, so before you read any further, take a deep breath and calm yourself. Public speaking in any form puts you in a position to “pass or fail.”  Your job is to immediately eliminate the “fail” option and visualize the energy

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Presenting the Best You

If you’ve ever been put in a speaking situation where you had the steering wheel of an event that required people to have fun, rather than just listen and absorb? Some of my most memorable speaking memories have been exactly those. In my case, it was emceeing an event that required audience participation — bringing

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Victory with Your Next Speech

How many big words do you know?  How good were you with vocabulary in grammar school? These are two questions that tie into something everyone should know when working on their next speech. I’ve written more than a few speeches — for me and for others — and I’ve seen plenty come across my desk

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Webinar Series

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