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I’ve heard it from athletes and executives, agents and even public relations specialists; “Why aren’t media folks paying attention or interested in my story?”

That’s a complex question, for sure.  And it usually has many layers.  But the fundamental issue centers on how compelling your story is and how well you are able to deliver it.

Think of how many interviews you’ve heard and then consider how much you actually remember from watching and listening to the person being interviewed.  Ask yourself:

  • Did the person have a real message?
  • Did the person share a story?
  • Did the person challenge the question with a strong opinion or stance?

Often those who get the opportunity to answer questions or sit on a panel discussion simply just answer the questions.   There is no passion behind the comments, no thought behind the opinion and frequently no real opinion at all.

Media folks are looking for quotes. It’s as simple as that.  Get used to being comfortable with that. And audiences want to be given something they can hold onto.

Those in TV are hunting for a :30 second news clip with some real staying power.  They will want to re-play it over and over again as commentary material for their on-air analysts or anchors.

Print media folks are looking for the juicy comment that can create a headline and draw both readers and page views. That’s reality.

As the subject of an interview, you may be saying, “Well, why would I want that?” or “Who needs to be the subject of everyone’s attention?”

I’ll spin it this way.  Do you want people to know your story? Or your brand?  Do you want to be relevant? Most people do.

In today’s media world, the only way to be notable is to be quotable.  So when you’ve got a date with the microphone and a reporter or interviewer seated across from you, anticipate the questions and think about what you might say.  In the same way that speechwriters take time to craft the right words for the right impact, think about what you want people to remember.  Then deliver it with enough energy and confidence to make it happen.

Everyone has a story to tell.  Not everyone makes the “cut.”  Today’s media space is very picky and limited to the very best at making people take notice.  Can you make it happen?  Yes, you can. So, figure out a way to take advantage of your chance by saying something, and not just being the subject of an interview.  That’s how you build a “shareable story” and a bigger platform for you and your brand.

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Those who get their message across are those who have put in the time working on their message and delivery well before the time of their presentation #kannadvisory @kraigkann


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